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Foam Rolling

Feel better between Massage Appointments by taking some time to stretch and strengthen. 

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A word of caution: Use the foam roller within your pain tolerances and at your own risk, you know what your body can handle. It will be uncomfortable at first but the more you use it the better you will feel! Be smart and safe. If it hurts too much STOP. 

DO use it for soft tissue release (controlled rolling over a wide area).
DO use it for trigger point work (holding stick on a specific tender point).
DO use your foam roller after work outs, as a way of preventing/decreasing potential muscle tension/injury.
DO roll slowly and over muscle belly.
DO go indirect before direct. If you find a spot that's sensitive, it's a cue to ease away from that area by a few inches. Take time and work a more localized region around areas that feel sore before using larger, sweeping motions.

DO NOT foam roll more than 20 seconds on trigger points (sore spots that refer pain).
DO NOT foam roll over joints and bones, only use them over muscle belly.
DO NOT foam roll the low back. This can cause low back spasm/injury. 
DO NOT roll too fast, take your time.
DO NOT slack on your posture. Support your body properly to decrease pain/pressure.

Back & Hip Stretching

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Upper Body Stretching

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Neck Stretching

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Stretches Every Runner Should Do!

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